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On display at New York City’s Queen Sofía Spanish Institute, Mario Testino, legendary fashion photographer, shows another side to his art. The photos mix art with anthropology of the people of Peru, Testino’s hometown, tying in to the Institute’s mission to promote the culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking regions.  
Alta Moda, (translated as “high fashion), showcases the most decadent of dress of the Peruvian people. They dress to celebrate their culture and their heritage.  Each portrait tells the story of it’s subject, while also sharing Testino’s personal history and pride for his homeland. Check it out and let us know what you think!
ALTA MODA by Mario Testino is accompanied by a series of related public programs that will additionally serve to reinforce the Institute’s mission of promoting greater awareness and understanding of the culture of Spain in the United States through a steadfast dedication to advancing scholarship in the humanities and the arts. Please check the website www.qssi.org for a schedule of events.
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