Michelle Smith, founder and designer of MILLY, divulges some concoctions to fancy up your flute this season:
A fun cocktail is key to get the holiday party going. I am partial to champagne, but when the night calls for something a bit more fun, a bit more decadent, here are my favorites:
Bellini: Always classic. Always in style. This sublimely sweet drink was invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice as the perfect aperitif. It’s best when made with ripe peaches. If they’re not in season, try crème de peche (peach syrup). Use a 1:4 ratio of peach syrup to prosecco.
 Kir Royale: This fancy and beautifully hued cocktail consists of a dash of crème de cassis (currant syrup), topped with champagne. Delicious!
French 75: There are a number of versions of this seriously strong drink, but here’s the one that will start your party off right: add a splash of simple syrup, two splashes of of lemon juice, and an even bigger splash of gin, topped off with a glassful of champagne. 
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