NYC Secret Places

Shhhh.. we’re letting you in on our little secrets!

Since MILLY is based in NYC, we know those “staple” NYC summer activities. Smorgasbord, eating fro yo, going to flea markets… But everyone always seem to go to the same places!

So, we’re going to take you away from the norm and give you OUR checklist for the lesser-known places to do those classic summer activities, so check it out!  

Eat an ice cream

We all scream for ice cream! So try out Lula’s Sweet Apothecary - its fun retro designed atmosphere and to-die-for ice cream (they do vegan and dairy-free options too!) Lulu’s Sweet Apothecary is our secret pick. We recommend the brownie sundae with gluten free brownies and hot fudge!

Go to a flea market

For those who have already gone to the Brooklyn Flea Market a dozen times, perhaps it’s time for you to head to a new set of vendors at Artist and Fleas, also located in Brooklyn. It features a lot of local artist’s work - check it out!  Don’t forget the MILLY Avery Tote to carry all your findings!

Watch a movie

We love movies. We love the outdoors. So this summer, why not combine them? So grab a blanket, a friend and food and enjoy an outdoor movie at any of these locations! Brooklyn’s Summer ScreenBryant Park’s Summer Film Festival, or Central Park’s Conservancy Film Festival.

Have a lobster roll

What’s better than a lobster roll? A FOOTLONG lobster roll. Grab this classic summer sandwich at Cull & Pistol – they’re experts in serving out fresh, expertly and (ingeniously) prepared rolls.

Enjoy a margarita

The bigger the margarita the better, right? Well we found a 27-ounce margarita that is sure to knock you off your feet at Arriba Arriba located in Hell’s Kitchen. The “La Mama” is their biggest margarita coming in at $16 for frozen and $18 on the rocks…we’ll see you there in your rocking MILLY Sorry for Partying tee!

Dinner and Drinks

Move your bar scene to the water. One of our new favorite spots this summer is the North River Lobster Company, a boat bar and restaurant that takes you out for a 45-minute ride on the Hudson! We suggest checking out their raw bar and enjoy a fun drink out of one of their signature mason jars.

There you have it ! Get exploring. 

While your at it, we have some travel tips if you want to try summer outside of NYC. Check out our MILLY Road Trip Series! 

2 months ago

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