With each collection, Michelle Smith, founder and designer of MILLY designs signature prints that act as roadmaps for the ready to wear season. Here, we give you a behind the scenes look at how a print comes to life.

Where it comes from:

Last year, right after the MILLY FW ’13 runway show, Michelle went on vacation with her family to Hawaii and Japan. There, she was inspired by the colors of the surf and the tradition of florals in Japanese culture. Michelle set out to incorporate the beauty of the florals and Eastern influences in this print.

What makes it special:

Cherry blossoms intertwine with saturated reds, yellows and indigos. This print is sure to get you noticed.

How to wear it:

You can ride the floral wave in  different ways—which is your style?

Cropped sweatshirt … an easy style perfect for layering

Pencil skirt … add some panache to a classic silhouette

Scoop neck circle dress… for the  undeniably feminine

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7 months ago

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