With each collection, Michelle Smith, founder and designer of MILLY designs signature prints that act as roadmaps for the ready to wear season. Here, we give you a behind the scenes look at how a print comes to life.

Where it comes from:

Last year, right after the MILLY FW ’13 runway show, Michelle went on vacation with her family to Hawaii and Japan. There, she was inspired by the colors of the surf and the tradition of florals in Japanese culture. Michelle set out to incorporate the beauty of the seascape into her Spring ’14 collection.

What makes it special:

It’s a print like no other! Hibiscus and other exotic florals intertwine with hues of seafoam and colorblocked cantaloupe and pops of white. If you ask us, it looks like a piece of art. Look familiar? You may have spotted our sea blossom print while flipping through the Spring Fashion issues of major magazines: it’s part of the MILLY Spring ’14 advertising campaign featuring model Loulou Robert.

How to wear it:

You can wear sea blossom six different ways—which is your style?

Racerback sheath … for the working girl who’s always on the go

Cropped hoodie … for sporty types who love to layer

Bralette and microshorts … for the fashion forward.  (Psst: They double as swimwear!)

Long pencil skirt … for the fashionably adventurous – time to try a new silhouette!

Loulou sheath dress … for the girl with event invitations rolling in – this is perfect for special occasions.

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7 months ago

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