I’m not one for perfection. Sure, I love a perfect black dress, or the perfect pair of Manolos. But when it comes to partying, I say the more off-kilter, the better! Here are some tips for throwing that imperfect holiday party…perfectly.

1. Guest List: Invite the young. Invite the old. Mix it up! Anyone with a good story, some deviant behavior and a will to dance is on my guest list!

2. Playlist: I take my party soundtracks very seriously and again, mixing it up seems to be the theme here. I’m all about party songs ranging from The Rolling Stones to Chaka Khan to Salt n’ Pepa for the late night crew! 

3. Attire: Sometimes mandatory dressing is the perfect motivation for that holiday scrooge. How about a Studio 54 themed party? I have just the dress!

4. Décor: Combine the traditional with a bit of eccentric glamour. Throw some tinsel on the dinner table, place a party hat at each seat. Tired of the classic flute? How about a straw inside a mini bottle of champagne? 

5. Menu: Filet mignon is nice, but when it comes to being perfectly imperfect, it’s all about the unexpected! How about truffled grilled cheese, or individual chicken pot pies? Instead of chocolate mousse, what about make-your-own sundaes? Save the grown up stuff for the cocktails…

Need some holiday dressing inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Not sure What To Wear On New Year’s Eve? We’ve got you covered. Holiday gifts are a breeze, too - check out the MILLY Gift Guide today.

10 months ago

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