In this feature, Exhibitionist, Michelle Smith, founder and designer of MILLY, a contemporary art lover, shares her take on a painting she loves…

If there’s one art opening you’ve got to see, it’s painter Tony Scherman. His new exhibit opened at Winston Wächter Fine Art in NYC’s Gallery District (530 W 25th Street) - go this weekend!

I have a personal connection to Scherman’s work, as his “Grey Nun,” made in 2005-2006 hangs on prominent display in my living room (see me on my couch in Grazia, above). It’s one of my all-time favorite pieces of art. I like to think he modeled the piece after Kate Moss, as he is known for capturing the gaze of celebrities and historical figures.

Born in Toronto in 1950, Scherman is renowned in the art world for his encaustic technique, the use of hot wax to give his work texture and dimension. Visible paint strokes add detail to his sculpture-like work.  

In his newest exhibit, The Cream of Denmark, Scherman gives life to the protagonists of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, indicating that the portraits are seen from the character’s point of view. The works in the exhibit draw from Scherman’s real life experiences and play with notions of love, betrayal and depression. For this reason, there is a sense of melancholy to the pieces, using dark colors to help portray this message. He has a way of captivating the viewer with the characters’ intense gaze.

Seriously, go this weekend and tell me what you think! Twitter: @millybymichelle

11 months ago

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