Happy Birthday Catherine Deneuve!

One of my all-time favorite actresses, Catherine Deneuve turns 70 today…

When I was living in Paris in my twenties, Catherine Deneuve epitomized the stylish, intelligent, independent, powerful and hardworking woman I wanted to become. Making her debut as an actress when she was only 13 in Les Collégiennes, she is regarded as the most famous actress in the French film world. Her movies will always be some of my favorites; in particular, her roles in Repulsion and Belle de Jour never fail to amaze me.  Provocative and compelling, she has a special talent for pushing boundaries that no other actress of her time was able to do.


Aside from being a one-of-a-kind actress, she never steps out of the house without looking as cool as can be.  Muse to Yves Saint Laurent, the two worked together both on and offscreen.  She represented the French New Wave, sporting unique fashion statements for the time, such as colored tights, mini dresses and prints. In an interview with Vogue UK, Catherine once said, “Fashion has always been involved with France. There are great stylists and designers in America, Italy and England, but the plot of the fashion world will always be French.” Her style is classically Parisian, which is one of the reasons I love her. See below for some outfits inspired by Catherine.


1. Racer Neck Dress 2. Lace Overlay Zipper Coat 3. Crystal Collar Sweater 4. Edith Pencil Skirt 5. Feather Dress

Fingers crossed I look as good as Catherine when I turn 70. Happy Birthday to one of my French favorites!

12 months ago

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