Meet Loulou Robert, MILLY FW13 Ad Campaign model

We caught up with Loulou Robert, the gorgeous model from our first-ever ad campaign—she dishes on guilty pleasures, her ultimate beauty secret and what it feels like to be a MILLY muse.

We heard you just moved from France to New York.  What’s it like to be a newcomer?

In my small village in France, everything was familiar. There were never any surprises, and I had the same routine every day. Ever since I was fifteen, I knew I would live in a city, and NY is the queen! I’m living in Fort Greene, Brooklyn now, but I’m thinking of moving to the Lower East Side. I’m 20 years old and living in New York. If you told me that 3 years ago, I would never have believed it.

What’s your favorite place so far?

My favorite spot is Union Square Park.  I love sitting on a bench and watching the people go by, imagining the lives they lead.

What was it like starring in MILLY’s first-ever advertising campaign?

It means a lot that MILLY chose me to represent the brand. I’m very proud! During the shoot, I felt comfortable, like I had a place…My place.

What was your favorite MILLY look from the ad campaign shoot?

What I really like about MILLY is how the clothes are vibrant and smart. They aren’t common or boring! They are electric in every sense of the term. In one photo, I am wearing a jumperwhich is my favorite…short AND very strong!

We’re obsessed with the “model off-duty” look. Tell us about your style when you’re not working.

Torn shorts with a large shirt and my cowboy boots. I just wear what I want, what I feel. Typically, that means my clothes are destroyed and short!

What is your best beauty tip learned on set?

I love discovering new products on set. But I’m faithful to my favorites products: Avène cream, Créaline h20 demakup, Dior addict mascara, beige Dior lipstick…I know that I have to take care of my skin—my mother taught me well. On set, I learned how to do smoky eyes, how to create shadows on my face, and one of the best tips: facial massage to improve circulation!

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

I used to spend all of my vacations in the west coast of France, on an Island called “L’îled’oleron”… My grandparents have small house there—it reminds me of my childhood. It’s not the most beautiful place in the world, but to me, it is.

Who is your style icon?

When I was a kid it was my mother - the most beautiful woman in the world. When I was a teenager, it was Kate Moss – the symbol of rock’n roll and rebellion. And now, I’m just me…I don’t have a style icon anymore.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love simple things, like spending nights watching Game of Thrones and eating sour candies until my tongue hurts. After all, I’m only 20 years old…

Check out more: watch the backstage video from the ad campaign and watch Loulou flirt behind the scenes on location.

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1 year ago

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